Log Cabin Pillow Cover

I pinned this from Marthastewart.com months and months ago:

Log Cabin Pillow Case

And I had it repined 404 times. My most popular repin as Pinterest likes to tell me in those emails it sends me so I feel special.

I’ve been saving old denim jeans and bits and pieces of denim for years.  And I had a big project that I did recently involving denim.  So I had lots of small slices of denim.  Also have a pillow form just waiting to be used.

So here’s what I made:

Log Cabin Pillow

I’m not a quilter but this is really easy.

I went out to Martha Stewart Living for guidance, you can click here for instructions.  After reading them, I decided I could do it easier.

My pillow form was 24” square.  Since I wanted the pillowcase to be a little tight, I made the case 23” square with a 2” flange.

I decided to make  4” logs.  So my first piece was a 4 ½” square. 

I used ¼” seam allowances. 


2          4 ½” x 4 ½”

2          8 ½ ” x 4 ½”

2          12 ½”  x 4 ½”

2          16 ½”  x 4 ½”

1          20 ½”  x 4 ½”

I finished it with a 3 1/2” border

2           20 ½’  x 4”

2           27 ½’  x 4”

Then just pieced it together.

Log Cabin Pillow

I quilted it “in the ditch” on to a piece of fleece.

Log Cabin Pillow Case

Then used denim for the back.

         28″ x 17” pieces of fabric

Made a slipcover style pillowcase following my instructions here.

Sew 2” from all sides to create the flange.

Insert pillow.

Log Cabin Pillow
This pillow is really big! I plan to make another that’s a bit smaller.

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