Meanderings on a Monday

Happy first day of December.  Also known as Cyber Monday.  Which just followed Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.  So many titles.  So little time…..

before Christmas!


We went to DC for Thanksgiving…

Had a great time….

caught a cold….Have not got a lot of energy or sarcasm at the moment, so I’m just putting up some pics…..


We had a wee kitchen to work in.
But still made a great turkey. Used an infrared oil-less turkey fryer out on the patio!
Here we all are. Maggie is looking adorable on the couch.  And I have no idea why Andrew suddenly donned that apron.  Some kind of tradition, I guess…
turkey hangover
Too much turkey for Maggie?
Mattie the cattie
And here’s Mattie the Cattie! Lest you think we poisoned both the cat and the dog, there’s a roaring fireplace right behind Mattie that made both of the pets pass out!

More photos tomorrow of our adventures in DC!  If I can wake up long enough to pull the photos off of my camera and write something snarky.  Yeah, that’s the word for the week. Snarky.

Back at it tomorrow!


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