Mermaid Weekend

For 20 years, the “mermaids” have been traveling to Cedar Key just to hang out.  And it’s the same weekend as the Cedar Key Arts Festival.  

And most of them really are mermaids–as in former performers at the Weeki Wachee Springs Park Mermaid Show.  

I’m running names through my head right now.  Just to count how many.  Vera, Sarah, Catherine, Bonnie, Sue, Helene, Anne, Cheryl, Jean, Yvonne, Donna, Barbara, Rachel, Pam, Ty, Michelle, and Me.

Oh yeah, there was also a poodle.

Once a mermaid, always a mermaid!

(Not me, I’m just a friend of the mermaids.  Not even a mermaid wannabe. Do you have any idea what those mermaids have to go through?)

My friends Donna and Yvonne have been going on this weekend adventure for about 17 years. I’m guessing that I’ve probably been there six or seven times.  My niece Michelle has been there at least three times. We don’t go every year.    

Michelle and Me
Michelle and I. Ready to go!

We stay at Mermaid Landings.

Not a fancy-schmancy place…..

Mermaids Landing

Mermaids Landing
The building with the screened room is where Michelle and I stayed. We call it the “hospitality suite” because we are the hostesses with the mostestesssssss.

Mermaids Landing is on the market and the owner actually did a bit of fixing up.  Like the cabinet doors did not fall off of their hinges on this visit.  And all the water heaters were working!  

Here's the view of the "Honeymoon Suite"
Here’s the view from the “Honeymoon Suite”
Here’s a whole family of mermaids!
Here’s a picture of a fish in a tree. Oh, wait. There’s an Osprey there, too! This tree was right beside my cottage.
Mermaid Weekend
Our view of low tide from the Honeymoon cottage. During high tide that boat is entirely covered.

Since we were there anyway, and I am helping out with the 2016 Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival, I went to the “Old Florida Celebration of the Arts” to check out the scene.

There were many unique artists.  I talked to several artists and handed out applications for the Homosassa Festival.

Old Florida Celebration of the Arts

2016_04_09artshow3 Mermaid Weekend

fiber art

I always ask if I can take photos.  One artist said no.  I had to ask twice because I didn’t believe my ears.  Really?  

Oh well!  

Very jealous of the space Cedar Key has for their entertainment.

What a great gazebo for the band!
Old Florida Celebration of the arts
And the audience gets to rest under this tent or on blankets on the lawn.
Mermaid Weekend
There’s even a beach!

It was a GREAT weekend!

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