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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and just in case you forgot to get a special someone a special Valentine. (Like your mom, bet you forgot all about her, and you know how much she liked getting those construction hearts you used to make her!) Here is an easy-peasy special project.

I had some fabric scraps left from a Christmas project.  (Isn’t it nice that Valentine’s and Christmas are both red-based holidays?)  So this was a chance to use up some of that stuff –bonus for me since I’m making a special gift and creating more storage so I can buy more fabric to hoard.

So here’s some heart pillows that I made.  These are easier than last week’s projects–no quilting!

DIY Heart Pillows And so cute on both sides.  This is the back of the big dot pillow:

DIY Heart Pillows

The chevron pillow is small and when I was ready to stuff it, I realized it could have been a coaster.  Coasters are even easier….maybe next year!

DIY Heart ProjectAnd it turned out really cute as a little pillow.

DIY Heart Pillows

I think Maggie’s wee head would look really sweet laying on that pillow but she’s in no mood for modeling today.  She’s got a bit of an attitude.

So here’s the easy peasy directions.

Cut a heart shape.  Yeah, just fold a large piece of paper in half that will fit your fabric ‘bits and pieces’ and cut. I made three different sizes. You’ll need two exterior pieces of fabric, plus two fleece, and two muslin for each pillow.

DIY Heart Pattern

Exterior fabrics

Then make a “fabric sandwich”.  Muslin, top it with fleece, then top that with the exterior fabric.

Fabric SandwichNow you want to line them up and stitch very close to the edge.  Do the same with the other fabric piece.

Exterior Pieces

Now put these right side together and stitch around the edges with a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Leave an opening of about 4″ on one side.

Clip curves and corners. 

Turn right side out.

DIY Heart PillowNow stuff it with fiberfill.  Or maybe put beans in there and they could be bean bags!  Or corn.  Corn hole bags!  Hand stitch the opening closed.  Very little stitches if you’re using beans!

Very sweet.  Very easy.  But very special.

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