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A few weeks ago I posted about the bunnies I was obsessed with and couldn’t stop making.  I ended up with 8 wabbits.  There would have been more but I needed to get Easter gifts to North Dakota.  And sometimes it takes a few extra days to get to the great white tundra.  And I needed to make something for 13 year-old Riley.  A bunny would not work for him.

Riley’s a Chicago Bears fan and I’ve already made him a name pillow in their colors plus Bears valances for his bedroom, so I made him a storage box with that theme.  And I put his name on it.  I used the tutorial for fabric boxes that I had used for my office but left off the rick rack and handles.  Didn’t want it to look girly!

Box for Riley

The sewing machine has a program for letters.

Then I crammed everything in a little USPS box and sent them off to North Dakota!

Bunnies in a box
Bye-bye Bunnies!

Alan and Lauri said that Piper loved the bunnies and named them Chocolate and Strawberry.

That left the other five grandkids.

The box for Riley turned out pretty good, so I made one for Justin–he’s a Gator’s Fan.

Box for Justin

Next I made a fabric box for Courtney following the same instructions from back at Christmas when I made one for Piper .  I still have name fabric for Addison and Kendall, just waiting for a reason to put them together.  Both boxes are super easy to make.  I whipped both of these up in one afternoon.

Box for Courtney

Bunnies and boxes
Boxes and bunnies ready for a trip to Tampa

Addison really liked her bunnies. 

Addy's bunnies

Both Courtney and Justin were thrilled with their fabric boxes.  Justin put a bunch of yu-gi-oh cards in his and headed out the door.  Busy guy. 


Bunnies in a box
And she found something to store!

We also celebrated Kendall’s 6th birthday on Easter.  She got a Pottery Barn doll house and all the accessories.  I think her favorite gift though was a pair of glasses from her Great Grandma Shirley.  You just never know!


Looks like Kathryn liked them, too.
Poor Carrottop discarded with the rest of the gifts!


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