My Gardens

My gardens are all doing beautifully.  (The squirrels are really loving the tomatoes in the vegetable garden) The flowers are at their peak.  We’ve been getting rain and it’s just starting to get really hot.

This is supposed to be my "white and blue" garden. I planted endless summer blue hydrangeas but they defy me by turning pink even though I'm adding aluminun sulfur as suggested on all the gardening websites.
Shooting Star
This is a shooting star hydrangea in the "white and blue" garden


Amazing - a blue hydrangea!


One of the bouquets of hydrangeas in our home.


Shed garden
Impatiens and other shade lovers do well in my shed garden.
Pink hydrangea
This one is supposed to be pink.
Butterfly garden
The butterfly garden is doing it's job of attracting bees, butterflies and dragon flies.


A hanging planter of impatiens and sweet potato vine in the backyard.
Pots on the dock enjoy morning sun
Pots on the dock enjoy morning sun.


Pots of flowers on the deck.


More flowers on the deck.


Pink impatiens and vinca.



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