My Weekend

Spring came back!  Let’s go outside!

A walk to the boat ramp

My Weekend
Too cold to ride our bikes but there were a lot of boats at the ramp. First time we’ve seen a line all winter.

A trip to the farm store

Poor little bunnies destined for some small child’s wee hands.
Sad ducklings headed for an Easter Basket
I love this fat cat. He opens the bags of pet food and eats to his heart’s content.
My Weekend
One of several vats of peeps.  Not the marshmallow kind. Terry again wisely said, “No, you can’t have chickens”

Work in the yard

Just a representation of the 1000 bags I put down this weekend
New thyme and cilantro. Just wee babies now.

Some sewing

My first attempt at the log cabin pattern
Pretty pretty polka dots, hmmmmm, I think I know someone that’s a wee bit obsessed with circles that might like something made out of this!


A meeting of the wedding planning committee

Ready for Monday

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