Office Renovation

This was my office/sewing room/piano room before we did some furniture moving last month. My former office/piano room/sewing room

Just kidding.  That room never looked like that.  I must have been expecting a visit from the Queen when I took that picture.  Where’s my sewing machine?  And all the stuff that goes with it?

I’m not going to show you a pic of what it really looks like 98% of the time.  Especially now.  You know all that stuff we moved out of the former dining room?  Oh yeah, it’s in my former office/sewing room/piano room that is currently the dump room.

But hope is on the horizon!  The music room is completed and beautiful.  Very happy with all that.  And we’re moving onto my new office/sewing room.  And it will be very organized and pretty.  My two requirements for working happy!

We’ve already started to get that room under control. First, Terry pulled out a couple of old shelves from the attic that I had used in a former house.  Kept them just in case.  Hit them with a couple cans of spray paint, added some cool brackets.  Storage for pretty things!

Shelves in Office

Terry made the bottom shelf for candles in our master bathroom when we remodeled it.  But the white was a little too shiny against the tub and didn’t match the frames that we had already hung.  So he made another one that I painted to match the bathroom walls.  So I tucked the shiny white shelf away for another day.

And that’s today!

And now we have to have a little bit of pinspiration….

Ribbon Holder

This idea is from The Cottage Mama.   I keep all my sewing supplies in appropriately marked lidded baskets but still forget exactly what is in there–especially ribbons and trims. So I showed this pin to Terry and he said he could do it!

My skill set does not include tools nor do I know what they are even called. So I’m showing the steps in pics as Terry does the work–except for the painting–I do know what a spray can is!Supplies for Ribon Holder

Painted supplies

Drill a hole into the medallion

Glue dowels onto medallions

drill hole in top knob

Top Knob complete for Ribbon Holder

Ta-da!  Knob on top of Dowel

How my pom pom trim arrives
How my pom pom trim arrives. a shipping tube up, put white contact paper on it, and wrapped the poms poms around.  Pretty!
Cut a shipping tube up, put white contact paper on it, and wrapped the poms poms around. Pretty!
All these little washi tapes were hiding in a bin.
All these little washi tapes were hiding in a bin.
Now I need more washi tape.
Probably need to get some more since I have a place to store them!

Pretty Washi Tape

Pretty Shelf of trims and ribbons, ribbon holder, trim holder, pom pom holder

One shelf neat, pretty, and organized!  Two more to go…

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  1. I like that idea! BTW, seeing that photo of the Perfect Piano room reminded me to tell you about something I use. See all those pictures on the wall – the ones that are a nightmare to keep straight? Well, I’ve got a few of those here myself and I use the 3M Command Frame Stabilizers. They’re little velcro tabs that hold the corners from moving. I especially love them on the giant Shrimper painting that I have hung where everybody walks by it within shoulder grazing distance. Now, it never moves.

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