Old Homosassa Sidewalks 60% Plan — 8 Comments

  1. They’re just engineers. No thinking outside the box there. It’s also the excuse they’ll use not to do the project at all. “See, we had a plan, but the community said no.” You’ll need to get another engineer style plan to submit to them showing that they can simply go around the trees in question. If they can snake the sidewalk down US19 around every bump and driveway, I think they can figure out how to go around these trees. Your photos clearly show a smaller tree behind the large one that could be removed instead.
    They may have to put away the straight-edge though, and that’s what will be difficult.
    Also, keep in mind, the canopy will eventually fill in. It will take years, and will probably weaken the bases of the ones doing the stretching, but the trees will do it. Look at the set-backs on Ft.Dade Ave. But my vote is No Cutting of the Trees ! (where the Arbor Day Foundation?)
    I say, find a retired engineer/draftsman and get out there with a tape and see what can be mapped out.

    • Michelle, I plan to email our county commissioner and the person that is referenced in the email about my concerns today. I’ll also continue to spread the word in the community. Not only will we lose 7 large live oaks, the site that the crossing is indicated is very dangerous. It’s a blind curve and very dangerous. The plans are only “60%” so I think we have time to get the sidewalk moved if we have enough county residents complain.

  2. Thanks Kathy!
    They CAN go around the trees with some planning. Look at the existing sidewalk on Yulee. Starting from the end of the sidewalk and walk back to the elementary school, there are two huge oak trees that they went around. At first they said they were going to remove the trees and some people fought it and they are still there!

  3. Can you put a sign/ribbon on the trees selected to be cut down for the public to see as they drive by? “I DON”T WANT TO BE CUT DOWN” or something along this line. What a great article & photos! It really made an impact on the reality of the situation. The sidewalk is not worth the life of the trees!

    • I think that’s a great idea! But I’m hoping that I won’t have to. Expecting some response from the County Commission. I’ll let everyone know what’s happening. But, I’m hoping that everyone is emailing or calling the County Commission to voice support of our trees!

  4. I love the idea of a sidewalk in this particular area, HOWEVER NOT AT THE COST OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL trees that are a part of our community as surely as the ruins and the river itself, please please do not decimate our beautiful town with the removal of them.

    • Christine, I totally agree. Please email or call our commissioner Ron Kitchen, Transportation Project Manager Walt Eastmond, and County Administrator Randy Oliver with your concerns. The more we speak out, the more they will listen.

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