Old Homosassa Veterans Day Ceremony

Here in little Old Homosassa, we have a beautiful Veterans Memorial.  Right on Yulee Drive.  I can’t remember when it was built, but it wasn’t that long ago.  I was living here.  But that’s when I was living my hermit life.  No volunteering back then.  Yes, the good old days.

While Veterans Day is actually the 11th, the vendors start rolling into Old Homosassa that morning for the Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival.  The organizers wisely moved the ceremony to Saturday, the 5th.  It was really a nice event.

Terry belongs to the veterans group that puts the event together.  He and a few other volunteers get the podium and chairs for the audience out of the civic club and then put the road blocks in place.  Other members put together the agenda.

Anyone in Citrus County that is a veteran can have a marker here.  If a purple heart veteran, the marker is free.

Shirley and Terry
That’s Terry and his mom Shirley.  She just moved to Sunflower Springs, an assisted living facility in Homosassa, a few weeks ago. Their bus brought her to the ceremony.  By the way, she just turned 92!
They just inscribed this marker for Terry last week.  Guess we are staying in Homosassa for awhile!
Sophie Noel
There were several speakers. That’s Sophie Noel singing. the National Anthem. Back at the Memorial Day service granddaughter Piper was here and was mesmerized by Sophie and her singing.
Old Homosassa
There was a pretty big audience for little Old Homosassa.
Homosassa Elementary Chorus.
The highlight was the Homosassa Elementary Chorus. They sang their hearts out. So cute.
After their performance they handed out flyers that they had colored to all of the veterans. This is the one they gave Terry.
Then they put flags on the memorial.  If you want to add a flag, they will be available at the Old Homosassa Veterans Memorial booth.
The ceremony closed with Taps.

It was a lovely and stirring event on a beautiful autumn morning.


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