Our Holiday

Just┬ásome photos from our Thanksgiving….

Pumpkin pie
We made 89-year-old Great Grandma Shirley get up early to make pumpkin pie!
Mouse Plate
Not gonna tell you what that orange stuff is because I’m sure Michelle will be posting about it! But it’s really good top of warm brie on a cracker!
Jon and Michelle
Our host and hostess!
Cold weather in Florida
William, Jon, and Terry. Just wanted to show the rest of the country what a cold snap looks like in Florida!
Happy family
Happy Hungry Family!
Sometimes I just gotta put a bad pic of me on here. (I’m making sure I can get into the picture after the self-timer goes off)
And here we are! From left, my niece Rebecca, sister Ellen, niece Michelle, great nephew William, nephew-in-law Jon, MIL Shirley, Terry and me!


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