Out and About — Roger’s Corvette Center

Here’s some Eye Candy for those Corvette Lovers out there!

Almost New Corvettes

c7 corvette

Old Corvettes

old corvettes

And every year Corvette in between…

Roger's Corvette Center

The Citrus Vettes and Camaro Club took a little driving trip to Maitland, Florida to Roger’s Corvette Center.

car clubHere’s the club members.  Don’t we look happy surrounded by all those beautiful Corvettes?

Roger's Corvette Center

Mr. Roger (he’s the guy in black) gave us a brief intro and answered questions.  He said that most men spend their money by getting married and having children.  He stayed single and had Corvettes.

Roger's Corvette Center

So which Corvette should we buy?

The red one?

Roger's Corvette CenterThe silver one?

Roger's Corvette CenterI pick the white one!

Roger's Corvette CenterRoger's Corvette CenterRoger's Corvette Center

It has a tan top, Maggie would look good in it.

We went home with our same red Camaro.  The only thing we bought was our lunch!

But it was fun dreaming!

Roger's Corvette Center


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