Another one of my favorite flowers (aren’t they all?) is the Plumeria, also know as the Frangipani.  It looks so delicate and lovely.  They are actually easy to grow.  Just cut off a branch of an existing plant and stick it in a pot.  It likes to be fertilized with a color-blooming fertilizer every week plus one dose of Epsom salts in the spring.  Cold sensitive, I put the plants that are in pots into a sheltered area when it gets cold–they don’t even need watered in the winter.

In the garden
This was my first plumeria. A friend gave me a branch when I lived in Texas. It’s so large now I have it planted in the ground.


In the garden
This plumeria is another huge one and has been blooming since early May.


In the garden
First year for this plant to bloom and it’s a new color for me. My Homosassa neighbors gave me this plant a few years ago. They grew it from a seed that they ordered from Hawaii.

If anyone local would like to try growing a plumeria from seed, I have some that I harvested from one of the large plumerias. I’d be happy to give you a few seeds so you can grow your own plumeria orchard!



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