County Boat Ramp in Old Homosassa
Public boat ramp in Old Homosassa on the second Saturday of scalloping season. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait in that craziness since our boat is on a lift in our back yard.
On our way
And we are on our way!
Crystal River Power Plant
Our very own nuclear power plant!
Scalloping expert number 1
Scalloping expert number 1
Scalloping expert number 2
Scalloping expert number 2
The catch
This was the catch on Saturday. While 8 gallons is the legal limit for 4 people, Cap’n Terry stayed with the boat for safety reasons and I’m a swimming wimp. The waves were too big for me and all I got in my scalloping endeavours were several mouthfuls of salty water. Waah! So the scalloping was left to the two experts who were exhausted after four hours of diving and swimming to the boat with their booty.
Cleaning crew
Scallops now have to be cleaned.

Scallop Plate of scallops

The chef
Chief scalloper and chef
Cooked scallops
Cooking scallops with a slice of bacon

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