Coming back from a vacation always puts me in the mood to create something new and I’ve got all kinds of ideas.  But I also wanted to clean up some old projects.  I don’t have much storage–houses in Florida do not typically have basements and the attics are too hot to actually use.  I have numerous baskets and trunks that I use for fabric storage tagged with the appropriate label.  But those hiding places are overflowing and after doing a little inventory I decided that some of this stuff must be used before I buy anything new.

I had these matching fabrics which would really make a cute nautical tote bag for the beach.  But I’m really not into making tote bags right now.  And summer’s almost over.


I used this stuff years ago to make cushions and pillows for my sunroom which is outside of the main guest bedroom. (Sometimes it’s a bedroom, it’s more often Terry’s office and my workout room.)

I’ve had this rocking chair for 36 years!  I bought it right before Jes was born.  It was a dark pine with an awful orange upholstery which I thought was GREAT back in 1977.  When I came to my senses a few decades later, I couldn’t strip the dark stain so just painted it white.  My first piece of painted furniture that I did way back in the 90s!


My friends gave me this glider for my 50th birthday.  It was rusted but in otherwise good shape, so I had it powder coated and now it’s beautiful!


The navy blue and white is the same color scheme in my laundry room and there are two expedit shelves in there which need some boxes. More storage! I’ve been wanting to try a different method to create the boxes so thought that this would be a perfect DIY.

Expedit Box

I planned on giving the instructions for this box today but wanted to make it twice.  One time creating the directions, the second time following and fixing my babble .  But I ran out of interfacing.  Tried to get some at WalMart (which is the only shop that we have here in Homosassa) but no one actually works in the fabric department.  It’s just there for decoration. So I’ll be headed to “far away” to pick up some raw materials today and will give you the tutorial next Friday!

Have a great last summer holiday weekend!

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