Take a letter

I’m always looking for little DIY projects that are easy and quick that will hold a 4-year-old’s interest. Piper is trying to learn her letters, so we decided that the fridge could really use some color and we’d make some names to spice it up.

While Adley was napping, we pulled out an adhesive magnet sheet that I bought at Hobby Lobby and a bunch of bits of fabric that I’d been saving.  The sheet was 12″ x 24″ and we cut it up into twelve 4″ x 6″ pieces.  Magnetic sheet

Then I cut the fabric scraps into 4″ x 6″ pieces and stuck them onto the magnet pieces.

Take a letter

Piper picked out which prints she wanted for each letter.  


Then I cut out the letters.  Just free form.  Nothing fancy.

Take a letter


Easy and fun DIY making magnetic letters with adhesive magnet and fabric

We had enough pieces left to make Adley’s name.  

Take a letter

Take a letter

Adley obviously knows her name already.  Pretty smart for an 11-month old!

I picked up a second magnetic sheet and made Riley’s name.  Piper wanted me to make Mommy and Daddy but I said, too many Ms and Ds!!! So we just went with their names, instead!






Still want to make the entire alphabet.  Maybe lower case.  But I need another magnetic sheet!

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