The Perils of Travel

No, not referring to the disease I picked up on the airplane or the TSA that hassled my little dog–but that pond that was spontaneously created because of a water leak.

Nah, that didn’t happen.

Because the last thing we do before heading to the airport is to TURN THE MAIN WATER SHUTOFF VALVE OFF!

But it did happen after we turned the water back on in the wee hours of the morning of our return and we woke several hours later to a massive puddle.  That sucks but it could have been worse.

Turned the water off again.  Terry started digging. And digging. Finally had to get the professionals.   It was fixed in a few hours–what a catastrophe that would have been if Terry hadn’t shut off the water.

Water is not only a precious resource here in Florida but REALLY expensive when it runs nonstop.  Wonder what that next water bill will be!

The Perils of Travel
The plumber identifying where the leak is coming from.
The Perils of Travel
Oh no! It’s under our beautiful pavers!
The Perils of Travel
Pavers back in place. Terry, the wiz, to the rescue!


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