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We have serious stuff to talk about today….

Homosassa Water Tower

This evening at 5:30, Old Homosassa Historical Preservation Society holds their monthly meeting at the Gator Den at MacRae’s Motel, If you are interested in preserving Old Homosassa’s heritage for current and future generations, you should attend this meeting. Our current project is to buy, repair, and maintain the Old Homosassa Water Tower.

Thursday evening at 6 – 7:30 there will be a town hall meeting with County Commissioner Ron Kitchen Jr. at the Homosassa Library.  According to the Citrus Chronicle, Kitchen said “I want the public to know that I am continuing to listen, I want to hear about any issues our citizens are currently facing.” If you are concerned with events occurring in our community, you should attend this meeting. Two hot issues right now are the sidewalk plans on Yulee Drive and the 110-unit motel being planned on Halls River Road.

Following the town hall, The River Alliance will be meeting at 7:45 at the Civic Club.  

We have two big events on Saturday.  

First, Homosassa Heritage Day will be held at Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Here’s an opportunity to learn about Homosassa’s history.  The event is held inside the park’s Visitor Center at the main entrance on U.S. 19 so you do not have to pay admission to the park.

Second is the 3rd annual Shrimpapalooza.  The parade starts at 10:30 am and will feature about 10,000 golf carts and a gazillion beads.  That might be a slight (huge) exaggeration but you should just come and see for yourself.  The festival following the parade is held in the park behind the Homosassa Civic Club.  Sponsored by the Homosassa Rotary club, the proceeds go to numerous charities, many of them local.

2014 Shrimpapalooza
There’s Anne, her daughter and granddaughter
Me and Jack. 

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