Uptown Pickers at the Shed

Uptown Pickers
It must be Christmas since there is a tree hanging upside down in the Shed!

We had a super great sunny weekend. 

It was one of those weekends that out-of-town guests decide that they are moving here permanently.  One of those weekends that those guys that are fracking in ND decide that there’s got to be a better way.  One of those weekends that let Florida push New York State out of the third most populous spot. 

Just want to remind all of those people about reality.  We have no-see-ums that will make you cry.  We have banana spiders that are as big as your hand.  We have mosquitos that will suck every ounce of blood out of you.  And if that doesn’t convince you to stay where you are, we have HURRICANES! Rick Scott! Duke Energy!

Okay.  Enough anti-propaganda. 

Yesterday we went down to the Shed in Old Homosassa to listen to the “Uptown Pickers”.  They play there quite often but never on a Sunday that we are actually home.  So I was pretty excited when I saw them listed as the band for the weekend.  With a name like Pickers, gotta be bluegrass, Right?  Gotta have a banjo, Right?

Wrong.  They were good but it was just your normal everyday “oldies and some goldies with a little bit of blues and a whole lot of country” band.  Still fun.  But no banjo.

Uptown Pickers

Uptown Pickers
So this guy really loves the Bucs or those are his Christmas shoes.
Uptown Pickers at the Shed
And he was rockin’ out!

So the Uptown Pickers was a really good band and the place was crazy packed.  We got there before they started and there were still no tables.  But we just kind of hung out by the rail until a smelly man decided to stand by me.  Ohhhhh, Myyyyyy.

We rode our bikes there, of course.  Can you spot them?

Uptown Pickers at the ShedYeah, ours are the ones with no motors….


But if I had a Harley, I would look real purty on this one…

Pretty bikeOr maybe this one….

bikeBut I don’t.  I’m more the corvette type.  But I’d really like to get some of those really cool biker boots.

Hey, come back tomorrow.  I have more pics from another outing!  More photos to tempt my northern readers to leave all that snow behind!

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