Veggie Wash

Michelle is posting for me today.  She actually makes her own Veggie Wash!  So clever!
OK, Boys N’ Girls it’s your old pal Mr. Wizard….(Ouch, I’m really dating myself – and not in a good way). Today we’re making household cleaners….No, not like Breaking Bad! Pay attention dammit! 🙂
I have for you a healthy food lover Veggie Wash. The stuff in the stores is great I’m sure. But my crafty and ‘economically challenged’ Mom sent me this little tidbit (note the spelling of the word Veggie on the bottle? …gotta love Ma…I’m not going to tell you what she comes up with for mayonnaise ).
I’m sharing this with you because I know there are people out there that lick their cell phones to clean ‘the stickiness’  off and then touch all sorts of other stuff with those newly ‘cleaned’ fingers…I would continue to explain that last comment, but that one needs a Blog Post all it’s own! Also, I happen to know it works. How, you ask? Well, back before I knew I needed glasses (I was in complete denial!) I went to clean something baked onto the glass door in my oven. No need to run the self-clean option, I just wanted some glass cleaner to break that greasy whatever off. I reach, for what I thought was my bottle of Sudsy Ammonia/Water mix (yes, I really do make my own glass cleaner, in a yellow spray bottle). I was disappointed that it didn’t remove everything…it was Veggie Wash! Duh!! So, since as a degreaser it scores an 8, I’m thinking those pesticides haven’t much of a chance against it. Have fun…
Step 1: Ingredients;
1 Cup Water
1 Cup Distilled Vinegar – yup cleans coffee pots too
20 Drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract – someone has too much time on their hands squeezing all those little seeds!
1 Tbl Baking Soda


Veggie Wash
Step 1
Step 2: OK, Get a bigger bowl than you think you need – NO you may NOT mix it in the bottle…unless we’re all revisiting the baking soda volcano experiments of our Mr. Wizard days!Load in the Water and Vinegar, then count 20 drops of that stuff you went out of your way to pick up at the health food store.
Veggie Wash
Step 2
Step 3: Sprinkle, EASY, I said s p r i n k l e the baking soda.
Veggie Wash
Step 3
Step 4: It’s fizzing up pretty good now.
Veggie Wash
Step 4
Step 5: Hey, too fast – Better move this rodeo to the sink!
Veggie Wash
Step 5
Step 6: OK, that’s it. Now wait for the bubbles to go down. Go get your spray bottle and little funnel.
Veggie Wash
Step 6
Step 7: I can’t wait for anything – hurry up! A little stir breaks them down.
Veggie Wash
Step 7
Step 8: With a little funnel, pour it into your bottle.
Veggie Wash
Step 8
Step 9: There you go – Cheap and easy…and super clean grapes. Just spray it on your fruit, let it wait 3-4 minutes and then rinse. Yummmm, no Sevin dust, Diazinon, or kid spit (which I think is probably a better insecticide than cell phone cleaner)!
Veggie Wash
Step 9
Oh, yeah, I know who used to lick off his cell phone to clean it!  Think he gave that up.  And he lives in the very cold white north where germs don’t have a chance to survive!

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