Watson’s 3D Paint a Seahorse

Watson’s 3D Paint a Seahorse

I got a call from Wendy Watson the other day asking if Terry and I would be interested in taking a special 3D art class at their studio.  The class was a mix of business and training and they were looking for a novice in the painting world to show that anyone could make beautiful art with the proper instruction. She wasn’t really looking for me–they wanted Terry!  But of course, I tagged along so I could find all about the new painting class.

Did I mention that wine was involved?

Gil and Wendy have come up with a unique 3D painting idea.  They create the original hand-carved art and then use a special top secret material and make molds.  Providing a unique and fun DIY artwork.  You bring your own wine and an instructor teaches you how to make the 3D object beautiful!

Seahorse 3D paint
Here’s Jack Watson, 11, opening his 3D package.
It’s a seahorse!  Everyone started out with the same blank “canvas”.
Gil Watson, instructor, would snag the pieces of art so the artist could see the seahorse from a distance. This one is mine!
Terrys seahorse
Here’s Terry’s.

Gil taught us to darken the shadows and lighten the highlights.  

Red Seahorse
Here’s Terry’s seahorse before the top secret super duper magic glaze was applied by Gil.
Watson's 3D Paint a Seahorse
And Finished! Proof that a newbie can create beautiful art!
Watson's 3D Paint a Seahorse
Mine before the glaze was applied.
Watson's 3D Paint a Seahorse
and after!

I thought we did pretty good.  But then I went around and looked at the “pros”.

Carol Keizer (Partner, Artist, Marketing of Paint the Town Citrus), Jay Jordan UY (Marketing and Artist of Paint the Town Citrus) They will be offering 3D classes at their “Paint and Wine” classes at the Crystal River Mall.
Watson's 3D Paint a Seahorse
3d seahorse
Stephanie Coatney, the instructor for Watson’s 3D art in the Tampa area created this beauty.

There was also a reporter and her 12-year-old daughter, a sales rep for the paper and her friend, another instructor that also gives the 3D classes at the gallery.

Watson's 3D Paint a Seahorse
Here we are with our completed art. That’s Dylan back there. When he actually holds still he loves super heros and legos. He did not do a seahorse but he did keep us entertained!

It was a lot of fun and we really like the finished seahorses. I’ve taken other “paint and wine” classes and hid my finished canvas in the closet. But I’ve already found places to showcase these two.  Terry’s is going on the gallery wall in the family room and mine is headed to a guest bedroom (just happens to be the same color theme!)

You can see more photos of the class plus get info at Watson’s 3D

The Watson’s do not have regularly scheduled classes at their gallery but are always ready to give special classes on request.  

What a great idea for a special girl’s night out or a birthday party!

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