Where have all the birds gone? — 6 Comments

  1. Barred owls in the day, and two of them? Hmm, maybe ask Vera about that. Maybe they’re young – and hungry. Maggie would be the perfect target (unfortunately). She’s heavy, but owls are really strong. Even if they don’t pick her up, those meathooks can do a lot of damage. Be careful.

    • I’ve emailed Vera and Yvonne to get their expert opinion. Meanwhile I’m sticking close to Maggie in the evening and early morning. They were out there hoot-hooting this morning.

  2. Great pictures! Hope the owls find a new home soon so your birds will come back. If people use plastic owls to scare the birds away-what do you use to scare the owls away? Maybe the huge roosters, could you borrow one?

    • One of my bird-loving friends said that they could possibly attack Maggie. They might not be able to pick her up but would cause damage with their talons!

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