Where have all the birds gone?

That’s what I asked Terry Sunday evening.  We’ve been home from our Texas adventures for a week and no birds.  The feeders were overflowing with sunflower seeds but the only taker was a damn squirrel that had figured out how to get up the “squirrel-proof” pole.  Damn squirrel.

Then I realized that the squirrels were “crying” which is what they do when there’s danger. And they’ve been doing a lot of that.

And then I saw the problem…

OwlAnd this owl was shortly joined by a friend

OwlsThese pictures don’t show how large these owls were.  And they looked like they were discussing that cute little “tastes like chicken” pooch at my feet.

Oblivious to the danger around her!

I believe that the two owls have been stalking our bird feeder for at least the past week.  Maybe longer.


We have owls, hawks, ospreys and an occasional eagle in our back yard. I’m never too worried about Maggie.  After all, she is a chunky monkey.  But these two were very intent on staring at me and Maggie and didn’t leave until we went in.  Then later I took Maggie out for her nightly stroll out the front door.  And there were the owls. And they returned the next morning.  So am I paranoid?  Or are they after my dog?  

6 thoughts on “Where have all the birds gone?

  1. Barred owls in the day, and two of them? Hmm, maybe ask Vera about that. Maybe they’re young – and hungry. Maggie would be the perfect target (unfortunately). She’s heavy, but owls are really strong. Even if they don’t pick her up, those meathooks can do a lot of damage. Be careful.

    • I’ve emailed Vera and Yvonne to get their expert opinion. Meanwhile I’m sticking close to Maggie in the evening and early morning. They were out there hoot-hooting this morning.

  2. Great pictures! Hope the owls find a new home soon so your birds will come back. If people use plastic owls to scare the birds away-what do you use to scare the owls away? Maybe the huge roosters, could you borrow one?

    • One of my bird-loving friends said that they could possibly attack Maggie. They might not be able to pick her up but would cause damage with their talons!

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