Works in Progress, October

I try to have a new project finished to display every week.  But I have to admit that those Frozen Costumes have kicked my butt.  Every little step seems to take three times as long as it should. 

This is just a tiny example….yesterday morning, I was ready to put this little clasp on Anna’s cape.  The very last absolutely final step.


Please note on the BACK of the card that the clasp was stapled to, it says it’s NOT WASHABLE!  Why would BUTTONS ever be NON WASHABLE!  Seriously people,  What’s next?  I am making clothes here.  And, as far as I know, eventually clothes need to be WASHED!  So now I have to figure out an alternative.  Heavy sigh of exasperation.

Okay, on to the rest of the projects.

Karen, my daughter-in-law in Tampa asked if I’d make a tote for her Fall Festival auction.  She owns and manages two private schools in Tampa, The Reading Corner and TRC Academy.  She’s the principal, creates the curriculum plus teaches at the schools.  And Andy and her have five kids.  

This event is one of their major fund raisers so I immediately said yes.  The event is Oct 17th but I want to hand off the tote and those beautiful Frozen dresses this Saturday.  Which was no problem until I ran into the numerous issues with the costumes.  But I do have the fabric for the tote and should be able to put it together in a few hours.  Guess what I’ll be doing this afternoon?

Tote, Premier Prints,
I have used this Premier Prints fabric from for totes in the past (like 50 of them) and think I have enough to make one more!

 One of my next projects will use this bit of fabric left from the Catnap Blanket

Faux Leopard Fur from Jo-annes

I’m planning to make my version of this contemporary quilt that I found on Pinterest.  The fabric should be here today!  


I also want to recover some old pillows that have seen better days with an Autumn theme. Then I’ve got to start working on CHRISTMAS! 

As my heart does some extra lub-dubs at the thought of all those projects that are stacking up,

I’m thinking, other than those costumes for my adorable granddaughters, I don’t really HAVE to do anything.

Think it’s time to do some meditation and get my priorities straight!



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