The Music Room, almost done!

I completed a couple more projects in the music room–updated a floor lamp so I have lighting while practicing the piano or banjo and made a dog bed for Maggie.

DIY, Updated lamp with spray paint and washi tape
Why don’t we every see the cords in the designer magazines or tv shows? What do they do cut them off for the photo shoot then put them back afterwards?

Both of these projects were easy peasy.  The same semi-gloss black spray paint that I used for the chandeliers renewed the old brown floor lamp.

I also spray painted the off-white lamp shade with white in satin and added washi tape that I bought from Pick Your Plum.  (If you aren’t familiar with Pick Your Plum, you should check it out.  Michelle told me about their daily email and I’ve ordered several inexpensive items from them since.)

Updated lamp shade with spray paint and washi tape

As I mentioned last week, Maggie needs a bed in every room.  But she’s not picky.  If you leave a towel on the floor, she’s happy with that.

Maggie's new dog bed, Easiest DIY envelope-style pillow cover ever!

And this was the simplest cheapest bed ever!

I picked up a 1/2 yard remnant at Jo-anne’s of a fleece fabric that I thought Maggie would like.  Remnants were on sale when I was there for 50% off their already low price.  Cost, $2.03. Fleece is not only Maggie’s favorite blanket material, it doesn’t unravel.

I also had one last piece of 1″ thick foam in storage.  27″ x 14″.  Perfect for that small remnant.fabric for dog bed

I made a little pillow case for the foam with muslin which was totally unnecessary.  It just makes it easier to slip the foam out of the fleece slip cover and provides a little more protection from dog drool.  Not that Maggie drools.

The fleece was 60″ wide and I had about 18″ of length which I cut down to 17″. (Foam is 14″ + 2″ for thickness of foam + 1″ for seams). Turned under the short ends 1/2″.  Fleece doesn’t fray so I really didn’t even need to do that.  I mostly did it because you could see the words on the selvedge.  (Oh yeah, you are never supposed to use the selvedge which is the very edge of the fabric but this is a dog bed) I then placed the center of the foam onto the center of the fabric.

Creating envelope style cover for dog Bed for the Music Room
I did not take a picture of this so am recreating with another one of Maggie’s blankets.

Folded up each side and then marked with a pin.

Creating envelope style cover for dog Bed for the Music Room
Fold up first side


Took the foam out and folded over to where I had pinned.  Sewed up the top and bottom.  Turned right side out.  Envelope style pillow case!  So Simple!

Creating envelope style cover for dog Bed for the Music Room
Here both sides are folded back up to the pinned line after the foam was removed. Just sew along the top 1/2″ and the bottom 1/2″.

Here’s the actual envelope-style slipcover.

Creating envelope style cover for dog Bed for the Music Room

Creating envelope style cover for dog Bed for the Music Room
The back with the foam cushion


Creating envelope style cover for dog Bed for the Music Room
And the front!


Maggie posing in the music room.
What’s next?

One last change for the music room is an art project.  That might happen next week.  Or I might move onto my office where everything from the former dining room was dumped.  That room desperately needs some organizing and prettying up right about now!

The music room renovation was incredibly cheap.  A bunch of the stuff I already had.  And I used a lot of spray paint.  The stencil from Martha Stewart was probably the most expensive item I bought and I’ll be using that in future projects.

Next week–more fun projects!

5 thoughts on “The Music Room, almost done!

    • Thanks Allie. I love those floors, the were already distressed when they were installed so the scratches and dents that we’ve put on them hardly show.
      Maggie was such a good little model for this “photo shot”. Sometimes she doesn’t want to participate but she was into this time!

  1. That cord comment was funny – it reminded me of a post I’d seen from Pottery Barn of their catalog bloopers. Shots of someone leaving a water bottle next to that perfectly made bed. Or someone doing something stupid in the reflection of a mirror, and the visible lamp cords…I think they must shove them under the lamps. It’s like they’re never moved or are powered by The Force.

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