DIY Handy Tote

I’m still on the mission to use up some of the fabric that I have stuffed away in my many storage containers.  I love this print.

DIY Handy Tote, Flamingo Fabric

I used it for a glider cushion years ago then decided to move the glider.  And you know that if I move it to a different room, there will be a different color scheme.  One that “retro pink flamingo” will just not work in.  But the flamingo fabric was still in good shape so I washed it and tucked it into a basket with intentions to make something.  Someday. Somewhere. Somehow.

So a few weeks ago I was getting ready to play golf.  I’m a very timely person, never late but rarely early.  My golf purse hangs right by the garage door and I grab it as I’m running to the car and stuff my wallet, glasses, iPhone, water and sun screen into it as Terry is getting ready to back out of the garage. The golf purse already has things like pencils, crackers, first aid kit, ball markers, and brush which stay in there permanently.  (One time I forgot my golf shoes–won’t live that down) And that’s when inspiration hit.  I needed a bigger tote.  Insulated so my bottle of water wouldn’t sweat.  With lots of pockets.  A place for everything and everything in it’s place. And a nice wide handle.  And my pink flamingo fabric would be perfect!

Golf Purse
My golf purse. No I didn’t actually buy this, it was a “gift” at a golf tournament. So I use it.
Golf Purse stuff
And these are the necessities that get crammed into that little bag.

So I designed a new tote!  I’m calling it my “handy tote” because it will come in handy for many occasions besides golf.

Handy golf tote, purse, bag, tote
How cute is this?
Handy Tote interior, purse, bag
And everything fits with room to spare!
Toggle and Button
I even love the little toggle and button!

I used muslin for the lining and added three different pockets to the inside of the bag–the first is a zippered pocket that holds a bunch of small items, the second holds two water bottles, and the third is for my phone and sunglasses.  No pockets on the outside because I didn’t want to cover up any of the tropical theme.

I used fusible fleece on the outer fabric just to add stability.  On the lining I used Insul-Bright, a thermal lining.  I also used it in the lining for the water bottle holder.  I thought it might keep the water cold but after testing the tote for a week,  I don’t think it does any better than plain old fleece.  I also added a new bottom insert using Peltex which I sewed into both the lining and the outer bag–pretty pleased with how the insert turned out.  Because I used Peltex, the tote is sturdy and washable!

I’ve made some instructions and attached them in a PDF format.  I usually make my designs twice before I post them.  Once to record the instructions and then I follow my steps the second time to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  But I have new fabric and new projects that I want to start on.  Too excited about new things to make this tote again right now.  But I have gone over the instructions several times and think they are good!  If you have any questions, let me know!

PDF for DIY Handy Tote

Handy tote on golf cart
And here I am on a golf cart with my new handy tote!


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    • Yeah, I couldn’t toss that fabric. I bought it at our local fabric “warehouse” years ago. You know the one. I went to buy more but they didn’t have any. Bummer. Just like HomeGoods, you gotta buy it when you see it!

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